About Us


President, Kathleen Mayhew

Kathleen Mayhew was bitten by the international service bug, in part from her trip to Uganda in 2003. The Ugandans were so warm and so welcoming and so incredibly poor---by our standards. She saw anthills there and discovered the amazing way of their survival and blythly said if she ever started a foundation it would be called “Anthill” little did she know!!!  Her discovery that so little goes so far was also brand new and also amazing.  Anthill has done water projects; school classrooms with desks and books; a maternity ward in Entebbe; rocket stoves; mosquito nets; animals for food and sale; medical camps where they have seen as many as 2,100 folks in four days; and seen animals galore in the national parks---they always go there. Her life has expanded beyond all imagination; so much has already been accomplished and so much more is ready to be done. Please join her with your change, your dollars, your time and self, and get ready to have your life changed forever!!!! And please remember that with each of us doing our own little part, we CAN build whatever we want and change the world.

Vice President, Larry Rhodes

Larry Rhodes has been involved with Rotary and with The Anthill Foundation in Africa since 2006, in projects planned and implemented with rural villages to improve water, health, economic opportunities, and education. Larry is retired from the University of Oregon’s College of Education, where he was an associate professor and senior researcher at the Center on Human Development. He earned a graduate diploma in social sciences at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, and a Ph.D. in disabilities from the University of Oregon. Larry has directed and served on the board of many non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and is a Charter Member of Anthill’s Board.

Treasurer, Frank Mayhew

In college Frank joined the Peace Corps, but was turned down because he was somewhat of a rabble-rouser in school.  He joined Rotary in 1992 and found his way to the Sebastopol Rotary in 1994.  In 2003 he and Kathleen went to Uganda to look at projects and were bitten by the International bug.  2005 saw the development of the concept of Ending Poverty—One Village at a Time, or Adopt a Village.  Since then he has shepherded over 100 Adopt a Village projects in 9 countries for Rotary clubs around the world.  Noting that there were some projects that The Rotary Foundation could not do, his wife Kathleen and Frank started The Anthill Foundation, alleviating poverty by giving people the tools to lift themselves out of poverty.


Secretary, Dale Ann Knight

A Rotarian since 1997 Dale’s passion is international service thru The Rotary Foundation and The Anthill Foundation.  As a foreign student in Kenya and a Peace Corps volunteer in Somalia, Dale developed a passion for serving and Africa.  She visits Uganda several times a year introducing American Rotarians to the work of Anthill and Rotary Foundation and most importantly our Ugandan host Rotarians. Her club, Rohnert Park-Cotati, sponsored the village of Bukaleba in 2009 with the Adopt a Village program. She has returned to the village 10 times to maintain the connections, work on the new priorities and solutions as the village people develop. She focuses on the educational needs of these remote villages.



Board Members

Charlene Powers has been a registered nurse for 42 years and is married to Rich Powers, a family practitioner. They went to Uganda in 2003 to assist in assessing the medical needs there. In 2006, she became the Secretary of the Anthill Foundation. In January, 2010 Charlene and her husband made their third trip to Uganda to participate in a medical camp for two villages in the southeastern part of the country. They plan to join the Medical Camp leaving for Uganda in January 2013.


Bryan Wilson

Bryan first visited Uganda in 2010. He was inspired by the creative and collaborative efforts of community leaders and service groups (like the Anthill Foundation) who are committed to solving development challenges in equitable and sustainable ways. Since then, Bryan has returned to Uganda multiple times, assisting in the implementation of various projects, participating in village planning meetings, and traveling around the country. Bryan lives and works in Seattle, Washington, where he enjoys writing, volunteering with The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas — a non-profit writing center — and exploring the Pacific Northwest.







Executive Director
Elizabeth Kalemera

Anthill Foundation is thrilled to announce the recent team addition of Executive Director Elizabeth Kalemera! She is a Community Development Worker with 10 years’ experience in education programs in the non -profit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education. She began her career as a youth advocate for girls education and women empowerment with FAWE Uganda chapter. And has served in various capacities and platforms at national level promoting inclusion and gender responsiveness in the education sector. Elizabeth is passionate about mentoring, girls education and has supported different youth and education institutions in Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia to that effect. In addition to Elizabeth’s education and well-rounded non-profit experience, she is also a writer, Rotarian and loves Music Dance & Drama.